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GETTING STARTED: What is a "Godcast"?

A Godcast is a "podcast of religious nature, such as Christian music, preaching, seminary lectures, Bible readings, meditations and kids' programs" (wikipedia definition)

O.K...so then what is a Podcast?

A podcast is similar to a radio show, or an audio recording on a cassette, except instead of listening on a radio or tape player, you can listen to podcasts on your PC, on the web, or on your iPod or other MP3 player. One "podcast" is actually a show- a series of episodes that are posted on-line.

The purpose of this "Godcast" directory is to help you find all types of Christian podcasts to watch and listen to! Grow in your Christian walk with Bible studies, sermons, Christian music ...

You can find them all FREE right here, and listen or watch on your computer, or take them with you on your MP3 player!

Get started now....use the "Rank By" tool at the top of this page to see podcasts by category, or use the search box to refine your search even more. For more information on getting started, visit How to Use this Directory.

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If you are brand new to listening to podcasts, welcome to an exciting new world! Here are a few of the coolest things about podcasts...

  • There are podcasts on every topic - what interests you? Sports? Music? Scuba Diving? Since you are here, we hope growing in your Christian walk is a priority in your life. Now you can listen to sermons, Christian music podcasts, and other "godcasts" whereever you are!
  • Most podcasts are audio files (MP3 format), that can be played on your computer or any MP3 player (like the iPod). But there are an increasing number of video podcasts as well, and we have some good ones in this directory (Category Ranking "Video Podcasts")
  • You can listen on your computer, but since you can also put them on your MP3 player, you can listen anywhere- in the car, while you talk a walk, workout, clean the house, or drive to work...whereever you go, your podcasts can go!
  • Don't have an MP3 player? No problem! You can listen or watch on-line and on your PC, too.
  • Broadband internet makes getting new podcasts very easy...to get new episodes of shows you like, you do practically nothing! All you do is use software on your PC called a "podcatcher" (most people use iTunes) and subscribe once to a podcast. Then when you launch iTunes, your computer automatically downloads the latest shows (many people open iTunes before going to bed, then they have all of their new podcasts in the morning).
  • If you have an iPod or other MP3 player, you set it up to sync up with iTunes, and all of them are downloaded to your iPod as well, and you are ready to go!
  • Oh and did we mention...almost all podcasts are free!

For more information on getting started, visit How to Use this Directory.