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New to Podcasts?

If you are brand new to listening to podcasts (or don't know what a podcast is), we recommend reading our "What is a Podcast?" page first.

Finding Podcasts on this Directory

GodCast1000.com not only includes hundreds of free Christian podcasts, but also provides you the tools you need to find podcasts that interest you!

First, check our rankings. The top 100 podcasts in our directory are listed on the homepage. Use the links at the very bottom of the page to go to #101-200, #201-300, and so on. Popular podcasts that have been on the directory awhile have moved to the top of the rankings, but you may find an awesome, new podcast that is ranked #423 just because it is brand new. You could be the first to discover this new podcast! If you do find a new favorite, please come back and write a review. Just click on the link "View Stats-Rate this Podcast" (in the grey bar next to the title of the podcast), and give your favorite podcast 5 stars!

You can also view the rankings by category. To do this, use the "Rank By" pull-down menus on the top of each page:

Use the down-arrow to change "All Sites" to a specific category, "Christian Music Podcasts" for example, and click the Go button. The page will reload and show you the top-ranked Christian Music Podcasts...

Congratulations to our friends at NRT (New Release Tuesdays) for have the #1 spot in this category! You can see here that Highest Praise Worship Podcast is #2. We are writing these instructions in July, 2006...try this now to see if there are new #1 and #2 ranked Christian Music podcasts!

Now suppose you want to find something a bit more specific. You can use the Search tool for this...

Let's see if there are any podcasts from Australia in the directory. Type the key word Australia in the directory, and click the Search button to see the results:

Pastors Dallas and Cynthia have podcast of their church services in Brisbane, Australia. The search results will only show podcasts with the keywords you enter either in the title in the description, so in this case, it is possible that other podcasts from Australia are not shown because the podcaster did not include their country in their title or description (a hint for podcasters - put key search terms in your description!).

Looking for a daily video devotional? Type "daily video" in the search box and you'll get a number of great results including Pastor Andrae Bailey of Cyberpastor.com - one of the highest-quality video podcasts we've seen.

Notice that only 10 search results are displayed at a time. Click Next on the search results bar to display the next 10...

So there's our brief tutorial on how to use the directory to find great "godcasts"! Read on to learn how to listen and watch the podcasts on your computer and/or iPod...

Listening to Audio Podcasts on your Computer (Introduction to iTunes)

If you don't have an iPod or MP3 player, no worries...you can listen to all of these great podcasts on your computer for free! You could click on each one, go to their website, and listen...but there is a much better way that we recommend.

It is called iTunes! Did you know that iTunes is FREE software for your computer? Yes, iTunes works with an iPod, but you don't need an iPod to get this free software from Apple computers. They give it away because they are so sure you'll like it, that you'll want to go out and buy and iPod, too. That's one reason they are selling so many iPod's!

Here is what you can do in just a few minutes to get started...

1. Download and install the free iTunes software on your computer.

2. You'll use iTunes to organize all of your music and podcasts on your computer.

3. You'll also use iTunes to subscribe to podcasts. On GodCast1000.com, look for the iTunes 1-Click icon at every podcast listing:

With iTunes software open, click on this button, and the podcast's latest shows are automatically downloaded into iTunes on your computer, and you can start listening! If you like the show, you can then "subscribe" to the show within iTunes. You can set up iTunes to automatically download the latest shows for you, so you don't have to go out on the web each time to get the next episode of a podcast you like.

4. Check out a few of the podcasts on GodCast1000.com. You'll also want to search within iTunes for other podcasts of interest to you (sports, scuba diving, whatever)...but we hope you'll always keep coming back to GodCast1000.com to find new Christian podcasts to check out!

5. OK...one more plug...subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed on new Christian podcasts, and learn more about this exciting new world of podcasting!

To get started, go to the iTunes website for your free download, then see their on-line tutorials to find out how to use iTunes.

One other thing we should mention..before iTunes 1-click became popular, everyone used what are called RSS feeds to subscribe to podcasts. Many people still prefer to do this, and there are also many who use other "podcatcher" software besides iTunes. So that is what the MP3 Podcast button is for next to all of our podcasts...

No need to explain RSS any further here, since if you know what it is you already know how to use it (and can probably code the XML!). If you want to know more about RSS, then use Google Safe Search (on Christian.com of course!) to find out more about it.

Watching Video Podcasts on your Computer

Of course, you could visit a lot of websites to see their latest shows...but again there is a better way, because iTunes now supports video, so if you have an old version of iTunes on your computer, download version 6 or above to start getting video! Use the Video category on Godcast1000.com to find Christian video podcasts that you can watch for free!

Audio and Video on-the-go - Instructions for iTunes, iPod and MP3 Players

Once you are addicted to iTunes... ;-) ... you might want to take your music and podcasts whereever you go. With an iPod or MP3 player, you can listen while you take a walk, while commuting to work, working out, in the car - whereever you go!

If you go with the iPod, you can sync up iTunes with your iPod to easily put your audio and video files (the ones you downloaded into iTunes from the Internet) to your iPod.

The exciting thing about this for us...and one of the main reasons we built this directory...is that now you can get more of God's Word, worship, and Christian music into your everyday life!

To shop for an iPod or other MP3 player, as always we recommend starting your search using Google Safe Search on Christian.com! :)


Why use this site to find Christian podcasts?

You can find podcasts in iTunes and other places on the web. So why use this Christian directory instead?

iTunes and other Podcast Directories
GodCast 1000 Directory
Often includes Adult and other questionable podcasts No podcasts promoting pornography, explicit content, gambling or same-sex marriage are allowed.
Christian podcasts are often all in one big category "Christianity" We have more specific categories- sermons, Christian music, Youth/Teen focused, and more...to help you find what you are looking for.
Their "Christianity" podcasts often include non-Christian podcasts and other religions Podcasters listed here are Christian podcasters, and before joining have to agree that their podcast does not violate a Christian Statement of Beliefs that is doctrinally sound with commonly-held doctrines of Evangelicals, Catholics, Protestant and Orthodox churches.
Limited rankings or reviews- no way to know which podcasts are the best ones

Our rankings are updated daily, and users can rate and write reviews on each podcast.

Not focused on Christians. Connecting Christian podcasters and Christian podcast listeners.
Run by secular companies and individuals Christian owned and operated- part of Christian.com's vision for life-changing Internet ministry!

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