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Help and Frequently Asked Questions (For Podcasters)

Note: This page is for podcasters interested in adding their podcast to the directory. If you are not a podcaster, but are looking for tutorials on how to use this site to get audio and video podcasts, please go to our How to Use this Directory page.

Why Join - Does it Work?

Joining the Directory

Getting Ranked in the Directory

The User Control Panel

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PASTORS AND CHURCH LEADERS: Announcing SermonCast - New Podcasting Service

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Why Join - Does it Work?

Yes! We've had testimonies of lives being changed from the podcasts they've found on this site, and podcasts have seen their audience grow.

If you have a podcasts that Christians will be interested in, this directory will help you find an audience, or more specifically, help your audience find you! We are consistently ranked high on Google for key search term "Christian podcast". Plus many more directory users may have used the iTunes 1-click feature or RSS feed to subscribe without ever visiting his site (we don't track that). This directory has been and will continue to be a valuable resource to connect any podcaster with new listeners and viewers.

Secondly, even if you never have a top-ranked podcast, by adding your podcast it is always available for Christians and non-Christians alike to find. Maybe your church has a podcast, and you are in Witchita, Kansas, and someone visiting the directory next month searches the podcasts for "Witchita" and finds your church...they might just start listening to your sermons, and one day come on Sunday morning to check you out!

And finally, besides helping connect "podders" to your podcast, this directory serves another purpose. We want to connect "godcasters" with each other, and start building community where we can learn from one another and support one another.

So if you are ready to get started, please read on about how to join the directory...


Joining the Directory

If you received an email indicated that we have added your podcast to the directory, you do not need to add it again. Instead, use the Username and Password supplied in the email, and login to your User Control Panel. Read this page to understand what you should do to complete your User Profile settings and enhance your listing in the directory...

If you haven't added your podcast to the directory, start by going to the Join Directory page. A few instructions regarding the fields on this page:

Next, you will need to add the appropriate code to your site to get ranked...


Getting Ranked in the Directory

After you submit the Join form, a page will display with your podcast-specific code for your site. There are three image options to choose from, and any will get your ranked in the directory. We appreciate it if you use one of the larger images to help us get the word out about this directory, but this will not improve your rankings.

Rankings are calculated based upon unique pageviews of your podcast homepage (or whichever page you put the code/graphic on). It is also based on an average of your daily totals over the past 10 days. The rankings are updated each day, automatically.

Remember that every category has a ranking as well, so even if you are not in the top 100 overall on the homepage, you still may be in the top 100 for your category.

Place the code on your site, then check back to see your podcast move up in the Rankings!


The User Control Panel

If you have lost the code to put on your site, log-in to your Member Control Panel and click on the "Get Code" link. You can also update your setting here (same form as above), and see your statistics.


New Christian Podcasting Community - Be a Part of It!

Our newest project, ChristianPodcasts.com is in beta right now. Will you help us build your godcasting community?

Right now, we need articles on podcasting. Please consider contributing. We need articles on how to use iTunes, reviews of MP3 players, and interesting articles about specific podcasts. If your podcast is unique, please send us an article about it, and we'll consider featuring it in the newsletter.

We also need articles on tips and tricks, techie stuff, how to set up a studio, promoting your podcast, etc., etc. Share what you have learned with other Godcasters!

If you are a decent writer and would like to help, please consider making a contribution by joining ChristianPodcasts.com. For any article selected and used, you will receive credit and a link to your podcast or website in the header or footer of the article, or you choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.


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PASTORS AND CHURCH LEADERS: Announcing SermonCast - New Podcasting Service

We are launching new service to easily convert your sermons into podcasts. If you are already recording your sermons to audio tape, then let us worry about the technology and podcast promotion. For more information, visit SermonCast.com

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